The Uploose Odditorium Presents: The Uploose Odditorium

FRIDAY, JANUARY 25 at 10:30pm

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22 at 10:30pm

The Uploose Odditorium is a sketch show whose mission is to carry audiences through a night of unhinged, unpredictable, uninhibited entertainment. Breaking what's acceptable, demolishing cultural norms, putting a giant stick up common decency! Come get Uploose with a band of weird, wacky, wild misfits!

Produced by Zoe Pike

Written by and starring (in order of alphabet, not rank): Paul Brennan, Leemichael Huston, Jessica Kearney, John Francis Klingle, Cristina McCrystal, Zoe Pike, Robert Puig, Bradford Rogers, and Chloe Speshock