Monday, February 18 at 9pm

Monday, February 25 at 7pm

The Tiniest Theatre Collective


Written by Eva Friedman

Perennial (adjective):

1. Lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring.

2. Having a life cycle longer than two years, as a stream.

3. Perpetual; everlasting; continuing; recurrent.

In the next millennium, something terrible is going to happen to the human race, bringing us to the brink of extinction. In the middle of it all, two women journey across a vast forest, on the run from... well, everything, really. Resting in a clearing, they read a book about a family that can never die. But it’s just a children’s story. It’s fiction, a fantasy. People can’t really be immortal. Everlasting. Perennial.


The world premiere of Perennials is The Tiniest Theatre Collective's debut production.